Wally’s Super Neem Tree Oil 1 litre.




Written by Wally Richards

Neem Tree Oil is a natural product from the kernels of the Neem tree.
It is known to effect the natural life cycle of many insects by preventing them from passing to the next stage of their development. Thus nymphs cannot pass on to their next stage if they absorb Neem oil though contact or digestion. They then die.
Also it prevents a number of insect pests from eating once they have consumed some Neem Tree Oil that is on sprayed foliage.
It is not known to affect beneficial insects so Ladybirds, bees etc are safe, even if they consume insects affected by Neem oil.
Being natural, Neem Oil is very safe to use but normal spray protection is advised as some people may have a reaction to the oil or smell. (This same product, I have been told, has been used effectively for head lice control in children)
TIPS FOR USE: In cold weather place the un-opened Neem Tree Oil bottle in a jug of hot water.(The oil tends to solidify in cold weather) Shake bottle well before opening.
Using warm water in the spray mix is important to ensure it mixes well. Only spray at the end of the day when the sun has gone off the plants. Spray for total coverage of plants, under and over foliage.
Do not use in very hot, humid conditions as the oil may separate from the spray, in these conditions and cause blistering on plant’s foliage.
Being oil it can burn or mark flowers or tender foliage, beware of this and test spray a sample before spraying all of a crop.

For General protection and control use at 5 mls per Litre, for bad infestations spray the first time at 10 mls per litre then followed a few days later at 5 mls per litre. Repeat till controlled.

Add Raingard to the mix at the rate of 1ml per litre of spray. This will assist in foliage penetration and prevent the oil from washing off when you water or it rains.
Neem oils are UV sensitive and the UV radiation will break down the active ingredients over time.
To extend the active life of the product add MBL Magic Botanic Liquid to the spray mix at 10 mls per litre of spray. The MBL will act as a sunscreen and benefit the health of the plants sprayed.
Use all spray made up within 24 hours of mixing or discard if not used. (It can keep longer but its effectiveness maybe reduced.)
Clean spray equipment out after use to prevent jet clogging. A normal rinse through with water and a spray of clean water will usually keep everything in order. Blocked jets or filters can be soaked in meths
Store your bottle of Neem Tree Oil in a dark, cool place to ensure long shelf life.

Do not add to copper sprays as it will react with copper reducing effectiveness of both controls.
Neem Tree Oil is about the only thing that will control Leaf Hoppers, with regular spraying.
I have also had reports that it tends to keep Possums, Rabbits and Hares away from Plants sprayed with Neem Oil.
Neem Tree Oil is effective (to the best of my knowledge) against most garden insect pests and it also has some fungicide properties as well. It helps in control of black spot and rust and likely other plant diseases.
It can be used with “Perkfection for Roses” for best overall safe protection from both diseases and pests.
Use these three products together, Neem Tree Oil, Perkfection, MBL and Raingard. Note Perkfection is used only once a month but the other two maybe sprayed as required.
Do this and I think you should be very pleased with your roses and garden this season. From the feed-back from gardeners last season, it certainly makes for better gardens and roses.
Neem Tree Oil will not harm pets and wild life so can be safely used around your section.


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