Wally’s Sulphur Powder 500gm



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Written by Wally Richards

Sulphur is a natural fungicide which can be dusted over plants for control of various fungi problems. Spider mites cannot handle sulphur either. 

Burning sulphur in glasshouses is an old method of Fumigating the house against wintering over pests.

 This should not be done while any plants are growing in the glasshouse as it will also damage them.

Remove all plants and weeds. Close all vents and leave door open.

Place a quantity of Sulphur powder on a steel hearth shovel Or steel blade of a spade and ignite.

Once sulphur starts burning it will continue to do so.

Avoid inhaling the smoke; place inside the glasshouse.          Leave Immediately.

Close door behind you and do not re-enter for 24 hours.

Scoop supplied: one to two scoops for small Glasshouse (6×4)

Increase the amount for larger houses and tunnel houses.

Caution: Sulphur once burning is difficult to put out and

Smoke makes breathing very difficult. Ignite safely outside

In open air then once burning place inside and immediately leave

Closing the Door behind you.

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