Wally’s Glasshouse Gardening For NZ.


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Wally Richards new book “Glasshouse Gardening”

If you love Gardening then a Glasshouse is a ‘must have’ as a vital extension to your activities.

Whether it is to grow tomatoes and cucumbers, housing your collection of cacti or orchids, germinating seeds or striking cuttings, a glasshouse make the world of difference.

In this book Wally has endeavoured to assist you in how to manage a glasshouse.

The information contained is from his own experiences in glasshouse growing for both pleasure and commercial reasons.

Treat the book as a guide so that you can learn from your own personal experiences.

Every year is different so you will have failures and successes.

At least with a glasshouse you can have a reasonable season no matter what the outdoor gardens do.

ISBN 978 0 473 25114 7

A5 Format

Soft Cover

96 Pages


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