Tree Guards Complete x 500




Shipment Contains

500 x 300mm high UV Resistant plastic Tube.

500 x 220 x 220mm Coir Mat impregnated with latex

2000 x 400mm Bamboo sticks

Coir Mats have 4 holes punched in them for the insertion of bamboo sticks. Also a slit to allow easy application of mat.

Mat protrudes outside the tree guard.

Why use these Tree Guards.

1. The Latex impregnated Coir Mat will help suppress weeds around your plant for at least 12 months and up to 2 years.

2. The Coir Mat will help keep moisture in the soil where your plant needs it.

3. The plant is growing in a sheltered situation, therefore growth is faster.

4. Protects the plant from Rabbits and Hares. Plus other browsing small animals.

5. Makes spraying around the plants less risky. You still need to be careful.

6. Higher survival rate. When you loose a plant it is often 2-3 years before you replace it. It makes sense to get the best survival rate possible.

Wind staples are available as a separate listing.

Pickup can be arranged for a further saving




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