Surgeon Touch Garden Gloves Size Large 2pr



Surgeon Touch Garden Gloves Size Large

Surgeons Touch Becoming a BIG Seller

Almost 20 years ago we found the GARDEN GRIP GLOVE, it took the country’s gardeners by storm. Within a very short time almost every gardener was wearing them. No other glove was as comfortable and protective.

But non-glove wearers still thought they were too thick to “feel the soil” and cat poos etc that goes with it.

Showa came up with a new glove. Made with Space age Nitrile on the palm they are thin enough to feel anything you are working with but strong enough to protect you from most garden hazards except thorns and prickles.

The knitted nylon inner is very strong and quite difficult to tear.

Most of our customers now own a pair or 2 of these as well as the GARDEN GRIP GLOVE giving them the BEST protection for both robust and lighter garden jobs.


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