Raingard 250ml



Raingard 250ml

Raingard is an Organic or Natural biodegradable terpenic polymer.(Made from Pine Resin)
Raingard does 4 jobs when mixed with most garden sprays including herbicides.
Raingard spreads and sticks the spray particles over foliage giving a better coverage.

Raingard goes two steps further and used at the recommended rate of only 1 ml per litre of spray it will RAIN-PROOF the spray for up to 14 days in average conditions and average Rain Fall.
This means that the particles of spray are being slowly released from the film.
Raingard will dry with the spray in normal conditions of between ½ hour to an hour and a half.
Raingard locks spray particles on foliage for 14 days, on food crops, any toxic sprays combined with Raingard should allow the 14 days withholding period or if the toxic spray has a longer withholding period, then the longest period would apply.
But if using a Copper spray, a 14 day period should be applied to food crops as copper is toxic.
Raingard acts also as a bridge for systemic sprays and greatly aids these types of sprays entry into the foliage.
Used with herbicides it will increase the effectiveness of the weed killer, often resulting (from trials) a 50% better result, when compared to not using Raingard.
It is interesting to note that Raingard used with say Roundup you can reduce the amount of Roundup. Instead of 10 ml of Roundup to the litre, try 5 ml and Raingard.
Some weeds may need the stronger solution.
You might like to try this as a ‘less harmful to the environment weed killer, 3 ml of Roundup, 5 ml of Mycorrcin Plus and 1 ml of Raingard into one litre of water.
You should find that this will kill most weeds without having to increase the amount of Roundup.
As the Mycorrcin stimulates the soil life and beneficial fungi it off-sets the damage that herbicides do to the soil and worms.

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