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Pseudopanax crassifolius x 30 Landscape Grade Freaks of Nature


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Landscape Grade plants. x 30

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Pseudopanax Lancewoods are a New Zealand native tree and It is found throughout New Zealand from sea level up to about 730m. It is one of the oddities in New Zealand’s forest.

Also odd is they Hybridise readily with other Pseudopanax species. This produces some odd but beautifully different plants. Some of your could clone would be very valuable. No one will know how they will look one day. It makes them a tad exciting.
Normally the adult tree grows to about 15 metres tall and supports a many-branched, rounded crown of short, leathery leaves.

The juvenile leaves are long, narrow and 12 – 20mm in width deflecting downward. The leaves are primarily a very dark green colour with a purple underside. They also have a pronounced yellow-orange midrib occupying almost a third of the leaf area. Distinctive teeth are distributed along the margins of the tough and coriaceous leaves. This is contrasted with the adult form that can reach 15 meters in height and is characterised by a round, thick leaved head on top of a straight tall trunk of up to 300mm in diameter. Grey bark and ridges spiral up the length of the trunk.

After a long juvenile period of 15 to 20 years the apex starts to branch and the stem starts to thicken. The adult leaves can occur unifoliate, three-foliate or five-foliate. The teeth diminish and become less fierce, resulting in a serrated or smooth leaf margin.
These plants are extremely healthy, Out door grown in South Canterbury’s harsh conditions. Grown in 9cm Pots.




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