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Phyllocladus alpinus x 10 Landscape Grade


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10 Landscape Grade plants. You would normally expect to pay about $15.00 each at a garden centre for these.


Celery Pine

Is a medium-sized conical or bushy, dioecious or monoecious native, endemic coniferous tree.
It is a relatively slow growing tree that grows to about 15 meters in height and can have a trunk of 60 cm in diameter. The bark ranges in colour from dark brown to a silvery-brown.
They do not have true leaves; they have flattened branchlets called phylloclades (from Greek phyllo = leaf; klados = a shoot).

The trees fruiting stage occurs during January to March. The female cones form on the edges of the phylloclades and are wind pollinated by male’s pollen. 
It produces a nut in a cup-shaped envelope. On maturity, each nut contains 3-4 3 mm black square shaped seeds. Mature seeds are dispersed from the cone through swelling of the cone bracts ejecting the seeds to the ground. This method is of distribution is limited resulting in many seeds landing on the ground under the female tree. Seeds are also spread to other areas by wind and birds.
It  appears in the early stages of forest succession in areas where past logging of trees has occurred. It regenerates well in the shelter of manuka and kanuka scrub where its roots are partially shaded and its foliage is exposed to the sun.

These plants are extremely healthy, Out door grown in South Canterbury’s harsh conditions. Grown in Pots 85mm x 85mm x 90mm.

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