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Original Weeder x 100



Original Weeder x 100

These must be the biggest selling garden tool ever

I often get asked.
“How do you use them”
This is my answer.
“I could show you in a flash but telling you would be like explaining to a blind person what the colour red looked like. Once you have one in your hand its just so natural you will have no problem using it and will probably find ways to use it I haven’t even thought about”
They really are good.

These must be the biggest selling Garden Tool of all Time

Almost 10 years ago we were going through a tough time, our glove supply had run out temporarily and we needed something we could sell. My wife had been bemoaning the loss of her weeding tool. Well not really hers but My Grandfathers. We had found the weeder he made and used for his Famous Red Onions. A generous man he made them for his cobbers at the Club. I made Lynda a new one and thought gee we could sell these. After a couple of name changes we call it THE ORIGINAL WEEDER. The rest is history. Over the years we have had many stories from all over the World about these weeders, going back, we are told, for some 70 odd years. Kiwi Ingenuity? We cant be sure.

But what we are sure of is that it is one of our most popular items. Recognised by keen gardeners as their most valuable Garden Tool they are put to good use every day. Its the simple things that often work best. Clean out the cracks in your pavers and cobbles, tops of pots, tubs & containers. Hooks out Weeds Roots and All. Working in Fertilizer, Weeds under your roses dont stand a chance. And now we are exporting them to Australia. They will probably be claimed as Aussie, like Phar Lap and Buzzy Bees.

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