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Olearia nummulariifolia x 30 Landscape Grade


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30 Landscape Grade plants. You would normally expect to pay about $8.00 each at a garden centre for these.

Olearia nummulariifolia

A medium sized, much branched, evergreen shrub, reaching 1.5m. Its stiff branches give the bushes an unusual appearance.

The leaves are small, thick, oval and yellow-green in colour. The flowers are carried at the branch tips.

Grows naturally to 1,400 m, from the East Cape southwards in the North Island of New Zealand, and throughout the South Island.

Makes a great hedge.

Profusion of flowers over a long period make this perfect as a bee fodder provider.

These plants are extremely healthy, Out door grown in South Canterbury’s harsh conditions. Grown in Plastic Pots 85mm x 85mm x 90mm.

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