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Olearia liniata x 30 Landscape Grade


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30 Landscape Grade Plants

Olearia liniata
Twiggy Tree Daisy

Rare in the natural enviroment

Fast growing bushy shrub to about 4 meters tall. Small white fragrant flowers on grey-green foliage.

An excellent plant as a shelter belt. Use as a plant to establish your Native Patch.

Similar to O dartonii but finer leaves

One of our most popular items.

Very Hardy.

Height x Width: 4m x 4m.

Out door grown in South Canterbury’s harsh conditions. Grown in Pots 85mm x 85mm x 90mm.

If used in a shelter belt it is a handy plant as stock fodder during feed shortage. Branches can simply be cut and dropped over the fence for hungry stock.

The plant will quickly recover.

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