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Neem Granules 10kg



Neem Granules 10kg

The granules are the crushed kernels of the Neem Tree. They contain the Neem properties that make the insecticide control.
Can be used to make plants healthier and reduce the instance of soil insects such as root mealy bugs, root nematodes, grass grubs, carrot flies etc.
As the granules break down the Neem properties are taken up through the roots of plants and will help to keep the plants healthier and pest free.
Used to advantage on tall trees, such as Cabbage Trees and bushes where spraying is difficult.
It is a first line of defense against foliage attacking insects. Sprinkle the products in the area between trunk and drip line.
For use in container plants just sprinkle a table spoon (or more dependent on the size of the container) into the pot at potting up time or place the same on top of the mix.
Very economical the recommend amount is 50 grams to 50 litres of potting mix.
Cover granules with some potting mix as they go moldy as they break down making the container look a bit unsightly.
In the potting mix it should be effective for several months, slowly releasing the Neem properties.
Likewise the products can be used in soil to assist the control of soil insects at the rate of 50-100 grams per square metre.
When planting or sowing seeds, you can work the granules into the top 10cm of soil and likewise around plants with problems or ones you wish to protect.
An organic control, for Carrot Fly, Root Mealy Bug, Galls and other soil insects. Excellent for caterpillar control on cabbages etc.
For Grass Grub sprinkle the granules over the recently mowed lawn at the rate of 50 grams per square metre and water to settle to the soil.
Best times for treating is around December as the females are laying their eggs and the grubs are hatching. Also about April/May/June/July dependent on where you are in NZ.. Always lift some turf prior to application to see if the grubs are present.

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