Mk4 Secateurs/Pruners



Mk4 Secateurs/Pruners

These are the ones the Professionals use. All metal construction. Moving parts are all bushed and bearing.

Professionals keep their tools in tip top condition so these are designed to take apart for full servicing and sharpening.

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For the last 23 years Winland Pro Prune pruning equipment has been sold at Garden and Home Shows through out New Zealand and Australia. Other than that they have only been available by Mail Order.

The fact that they are still here competing with Felco & Sandvic and all the other brands available speaks for itself.


Because they cut easier, larger & cleaner than the rest. (uo to 25mm) We have been selling them ourselves now for 16 years by mail order and have so much confidence in them we doubled the warranty period to 2 years on them. We always have spare blades and if needed, springs in stock, in fact every part on these is replaceable and always in stock. Something some of the more expensive brands find hard to achieve. Easily sharpened using the 2WP Diamond Files. Always leaves a clean cut so they are great for roses as well as ornamental trees and shrubs. You can use them on the small cuts too.

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