Garden Grip Gloves Size Large x 2pr



Garden Grip Gloves Size  Large

Many people who work in their gardens complain they aren’t able to buy decent gardening gloves. They complain that they don’t fit, rip easily, become hard and stiff, and last only for a short time.

Gardeners tell me that our GARDEN GRIP GLOVES solve these problems for them.

GARDEN GRIP GLOVES are a tough new design that takes care of all those old garden glove problems.

GARDEN GRIP GLOVES unique features include a textured rubber palm which gives great grip and feel, as well as puncture, cut and abrasion resistance. The rubber is bonded onto a seamless cotton knitted liner, which means the rubber is not in contact with your skin. There is no rubber on the back of the hand which allow your hands to breath, so heat and perspiration escapes leaving you hands cooler and drier than other garden gloves.


GARDEN GRIP GLOVES are great for roses and other thorny plants, firewood and all garden tasks. You can wash your GARDEN GRIP GLOVES. They come in 4 sizes, giving the gardener the chance to have a pair of GARDEN GRIP GLOVES that fit.

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