Cat Repellant 400gm



Cat Repellant 400


Many gardeners will be starting to plant out hardy seedlings of vegetables and flower plants over the next few weeks. Cats just love these manicured soil areas and find them to be tantalizing toilets.

Seedlings are scratched out and a blob of cat manure is deposited.

W hen you try to correct the damage you need to be wary of the deposit lurking in the soil waiting for an unprotected hand.

More often than not it will be neighborhood cats that are slipping in under cover of darkness or when you have your back turned.

It is not a nice situation and one that costs you time and money with losses of young seedlings.

Prevention is always the answer and the best thing that I have come across is commercial strength Naphthalene. Sold as Cat Repellent. This is like the moth balls that we used to use to protect woolen clothing in storage against moths.

The crystals are sprinkled around the seedlings that you wish to protect. I believe it is the smell that the cats do not like and when freshly laid it can make their eyes water.

The crystals evaporate into the air over the following days and need to be replaced with fresh till the cats get the message or till the plants are well established.

The product can also be used around doorways and other areas where you do not want cats to go.

It will not work on all cats but appears to control over 95% of the feline populations.”

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