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Carpodeus serratus x 30


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Landscape Grade plants. You would normally expect to pay about $8.00 each at a garden centre for these.

Carpodeus serratus

It is endemic and is widespread in the North and South Islands of New Zealand and Stewart Island. It occurs from coastal to montane (10-1000 m) in moist broadleaf forests on stream sides and forest margins. It is a frequent component of secondary forests. It forms a small, spreading tree to 10 m tall, with a trunk to 30 cm in diameter with rough greyish bark.

Carpodeus serratus

Is monoecious (an individual that has both male and female reproductive units on the same plant). The juvenile form has tangled growth of zigzag pattern of branching. It has white flowers 5 mm wide which occur in broad panicles in spring followed by seed capsules January-February or though dried fruit can be present at any time. Fruit is a black capsule 4-6mm. The seed is distributed by the birds.

Few traditional Maori uses of this plant has been recorded. Its white open grained wood is strong and elastic and was used by early bushmen for axe and tool handles and for fence rails.

Currently about 300mm plus tall. These are generally only available every 3-4 years as they seldom flower and seeds are not viable for more than a few months.

These plants are extremely healthy, Out door grown in South Canterbury’s harsh conditions. Grown in Pots 85mm x 85mm x 90mm.

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