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Carmichaelia stevensonii x 30


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Landscape Grade plants. You would normally expect to pay about $8.00 each at a garden centre for these.

Carmichaelia stevensonii

Rare small tree with weeping leafless twigs inhabiting south Marlborough Valleys. Bark on young branches with orange stripes. T

wigs 2mm wide, grooved, rounded, drooping. Flowers white with purple streaks, in drooping spikes.

Fruit a small dry sharp-tipped hairy pod containing a single hard seed.

Currently about 250mm plus tall

These plants are extremely healthy, Out door grown in South Canterbury’s harsh conditions. Grown in Plastic Pots 85mm x 85mm x 90mm.

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Carmichaelia stevensonii or weeping tree broom is endemic to the South Island, and is confined to inland river valleys of South Marlborough between 450-750m asl. It is found in low scrub or sparsely vegetated sites overlying free draining colluvial or alluvial soil, rock-land, and steep mountain slopes. It is a leafless tree to 8-10 m tall with stout, sparingly branching trunk to 400 mm diameter and compact canopy of drooping, pendulous branchlets. In a garden situation it will grow to a small tree of 3-4m high and will tolerate poor soils, although it grows best in a reasonably good soil. As a young plant it can look almost like a dead stick until it starts to mature and develop a thinker trunk after 6 or 7 years. Once mature it will produce very delicate racemes of white flowers with pink radiating lines from mid December to January, and usually in profusion every second year on older plants. It is under serious threat from browsing animals such as wild goats. At some lower altitude sites little regeneration is happening due to introduced grasses which outcompete seedlings and colonise fresh disturbed ground in which seedlings would normally germinate. Field surveys suggest this species is much more threatened than had previously been believed.


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