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Carex virgata x 300 Seedling Plugs


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338 Plug Tray. The Tray look to have no missing plugs. But to be safe Im saying 300.
You could if you wish divide these before potting on into pb3/4 bags or larger.
This is an inexpensive way to get lots of plants. CHEAP.

The price includes shipping.

A vigorous sedge of swampy places throughout New Zealand.
As it is a successful colonising plant, it is used for wetland planting but it will also grow on dry sites. Therefore a suitable species where the conditions may vary periodically from very wet to very dry.
Thrives in a variety of habitats including swamps, drain margins, seepages and wet pastures.
Carex virgata does not grow quite as large as Carex secta.

Out door grown in South Canterbury’s harsh conditions.

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