Budget Pack: Rok Solid



Perfect for the Smaller Garden.

Our Budget Range reduces the cost of packaging materials and along with the contents more environmentally friendly than the plastic tubs normally used.

Packed inside a re-sealable bag. Inside a Craft Paper Bag.

Store in a cool dry place away from pets and children.

The Deal.

Buy any 3 or 4 Budget packs and receive a $6 credit note to use in the future.

Buy any 5 to 8 Budget packs and receive a $20 credit note to use in the future.

Buy any 9 to 12 Budget packs and receive a $30 credit note to use in the future.

Rockdust-Full Spectrum-Bio Certified Fertiliser
(Replaces Simalith Rockdust)

Rok Solid is designed to work in the soil, increasing the mineral content to the benefit of the health of the soil and plants growing there.
Used on food crops means your produce will have greater nutritional value and taste.
Rok Solid contains over 60 minerals and elements and is specially selected for its natural energy (paramagnetism), this energy is what gives the soil its vitality assisting in the nutrient uptake of plants.
The high silica content (43%) helps in plant formation.

Rok Solid is blended with Organic 100 liquid fertiliser concentrate made from fish and seaweed, which contributes a further array of minerals, together with microbial stimulates.
These organisms being necessary to hold soil balance, regulate nutrient to the plants, build humus and help detoxify the soil.

Rok Solid is used at 100 grams per square metre for new plantings.(Note scoop provided is approx 50 grams when filled level)
Alternatively about a level teaspoon into each planting hole for seedlings or a sprinkling along a row of seeds, with the seeds at planting time.
Larger plants about a level tablespoon in the planting hole.
For existing gardens with plants 100 grams per square metre twice a year (spring and Autumn) for fruit trees, shrubs, vegetable and flower gardens and lawns.
Roses an application of one to two teaspoons per rose spring and autumn.


Analysis of Rok Solid (Averages)
Nitrogen [N] .15%
Phosphorus [P] .8%
Potassium {k} 1.4%
Sulphur [S] .14%
Calcium [Ca] 4.4%
Magnesium [Mg] 5.69%
Sodium [Na] 2.95%
Silica [Si] 43.0%
Iron [Fe] 39,000ppm
Manganese [Mn] 1,100ppm
Boron [B] 55ppm
Copper [Cu] 90ppm
Zinc [Zn] 142ppm
Cobalt [Co] 59ppm
Molybdenum [Mo] 2ppm
Selenium [Se] 3ppm
Plus many other trace elements.




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