Budget Pack: Epsom Salts 750gms



Perfect for the Smaller Garden.

Our Budget Range reduces the cost of packaging materials and along with the contents more environmentally friendly than the plastic tubs normally used.

Packed inside a re-sealable bag. Inside a Craft Paper Bag.

Store in a cool dry place away from pets and children.

The Deal.

Buy any 3 or 4 Budget packs and receive a $6 credit note to use in the future.

Buy any 5 to 8 Budget packs and receive a $20 credit note to use in the future.

Buy any 9 to 12 Budget packs and receive a $30 credit note to use in the future.

Gardening with Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a popular and well-reputed supplement in organic gardening. With the recent push towards “green” living, Epsom salt is an ideal answer to a variety of organic gardening needs. Both cost effective and gentle on your greenery, Epsom salt is an affordable and green treatment for your well-tended plants—both indoors and out.

Completely one-of-a-kind with a chemical structure unlike any other, Epsom salt (or Magnesium Sulfate) is one of the most economic and versatile salt-like substances in the world. Throughout time, Epsom salt has been known as a wonderful garden supplement, helping to create lush grass, full roses, and healthy, vibrant greenery. It has long been considered a planter’s “secret” ingredient to a lovely, lush garden, and is such a simple, affordable way to have a dramatic impact. Just as gourmet salt works with the ingredients in food to enhance and bring a meal to its full potential, Epsom salt enhances fertilizer and soil’s capabilities to bring a deeper level of vitality to your garden’s composition. At 99.7% purity it is the high quality Epsom salt and is widely celebrated for its powerful benefits on natural life, ranging from household plants to shrubs, lawns and trees.


Epsom Salts Magnesium Sulphate creates the base for plentiful fruiting by correcting magnesium deficiencies in plants. Magnesium helps activate enzymes involved in food transport and sugar, fat and oil manufacture. It’s also important in cell multiplication and seed production. Plants low in magnesium typically have yellow leaves.

Epsom Salts can also be used on vegetable crops like tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower and citrus trees.

  • Replaces magnesium deficiencies.
  • Suitable for use on vegetable crops and citrus trees.
  1. Apply 30g (approximately 3 tablespoons) per plant into surrounding soil or mix with 1 litre of water for liquid feeding.
  2. For citrus trees apply 20g (approximately 2 tablespoons per metre of tree height to the soil, three times a year.





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