Budget Pack: Break Through Extra for Lawns 750gms



Perfect for the Smaller Garden.

Our Budget Range reduces the cost of packaging materials and along with the contents more environmentally friendly than the plastic tubs normally used.

Packed inside a re-sealable bag. Inside a Craft Paper Bag.

Store in a cool dry place away from pets and children.

The Deal.

Buy any 3 or 4 Budget packs and receive a $6 credit note to use in the future.

Buy any 5 to 8 Budget packs and receive a $20 credit note to use in the future.

Buy any 9 to 12 Budget packs and receive a $30 credit note to use in the future.


Extra for Lawns

“Break Through” is the first organic, granulated, slow release fertiliser available to the home gardener.
Most will be familiar with the advantages of slow release fertilisers over powder type fertilisers.
Powder type fertilisers are quick to release giving a boost to plants which only lasts for a short period and often much of the goodness is leached away, which means frequent applications are required for sustained growth. Where slow release fertilisers slowly break down over an extended period of time giving a continuous source of nutrients, with little waste through leaching.
Powder type fertilisers are chemical fertilisers and thus they have another disadvantage, in so much they are harmful to soil life and worms. Continual use has been proven to kill the soil making it very difficult to grow healthy plants. One can see the damage done to soil by market gardeners after a few years of cropping and the use of chemicals.
To date, the best natural nutrients have been supplied to our plants through composts and Garden Galore (sheep manure pellets), In fact it has been recognised that Garden Galore beats, hands-down, all the chemical fertilisers available to the home gardener. Garden Galore has an N:P:K of 4.0:1.4:3.0.
Break Through is derived from heat dried biosolids, manufactured from surplus micro-organisms.
It has been heat treated to over 500 degrees C. so it is completely free of pathogens and weed seed.
Break Through has an N:P:K 6.1 : 3.4 : 0.4, Plus 1.2 Calcium: 0.3 Magnesium : 0.8 Sulphur 0.8 Iron and Trace Elements.
The main commercial user of the product to date has been Green Keepers who love the product as it gives sturdy even growth to their grasses as well as excellent colour because of the iron content.
Being organic, Break Through will not harm soil life and can be used in all areas of the garden to advantage including container and pot plants. The product releases over a period of up to 12 months giving a sustained feeding program.
It would be also ideal to use in conjunction with Garden Galore in the garden as it will increase the amount of nitrogen available and thus faster growth. Break Through is low on potash thus without Garden Galore (for the extra potash) you would need to apply additional potash for flowering and fruiting plants. This can be done organically with fresh wood ash.
Break Through is New Zealand’s equivalent to America’s Leading organic fertiliser, “Milorganite.”
Use liberally around plants in gardens and containers. Broadcast over lawns and water to settle down the granules. Very cost effective when compared to the more expensive, chemical, slow release fertilisers.

How and when should you use Break Through?

Established lawns

Fertilise three times per year in spring, summer and autumn at 5kg per 100m2 (no need to water in).

New lawns

Seed bed or ready lawn: Mix Break Through into the top 50mm of soil at 13kg per 100m2 before seeding or laying the turf. After the third

Neem Granules


Many gardeners have been enjoying the results of Neem Tree Oil, and Neem 50WP in their gardening.
Being organic, Neem has made spraying safer while taking care of most insect pests and a few diseases as well. Every few weeks’ further reports from gardeners roll in tolling its virtues.
Roses that have been sprayed with Neem Tree Oil and other safe products such as Perkfection and Mycorrcin have never looked better with healthy foliage and lovely blooms.
My best report came from a lady who looks after 400 roses at a winery in the Marlborough Region and she told me that she had been using the Neem and the other products mentioned since the roses started sprouting in the spring.
Visitors to the Winery are amazed at how healthy the roses are looking and all the staff at winery have had to be told the reason, so it can be passed on to all the inquiries the roses cause.
Now the Neem products called Neem Tree Granules.

The granules are the crushed kernels of the Neem tree. They contain the Neem properties that make the insecticide control.
Used to make plants healthier and reduce the instance of soil insects such as root mealy bugs, root nematodes, grass grubs, carrot flies etc.
As the granules break down the Neem properties are taken up through the roots of plants and will help to keep the plants healthier and pest free, through the trans-location action.
This can be used to advantage on tall trees, such as Cabbage Trees and bushes where spraying is difficult.
It is a first line of defense against foliage attacking insects. Sprinkle the products in the area between truck and drip line.
For use in container plants just sprinkle a table spoon (or more dependent on the size of the container) of either product into the pot at potting up time or place the same on top of the mix.
Very economical the recommend amount is 50 grams to 50 litres of potting mix.
Cover granules with some potting mix as they go moldy as they break down making the container to look a bit unsightly.
In the potting mix it should be effective for several months, (estimated up to about 4-6 months) slowly releasing the Neem properties.
Likewise the products can be used in soil to assist the control of soil insects at the rate of 50-100 grams per square metre.
I would suggest that the soil-life period to be shorter than in potting mix as the soil micro-organisms will break the product down faster.
(Estimated about 1-3 months)
When planting or sowing seeds, you can work the granules into the top 10cm of soil and likewise around plants with problems or ones you wish to protect.
An organic control, in my mind, for Carrot Fly, Root Mealy Bug, Galls and other soil insects. Excellent for caterpillar control on cabbages etc.
For Grass Grub sprinkle the granules  over the recently mowed lawn at the rate of 50 grams per square metre and water to settle to the soil.
If possible roll the lawn. Ensure that areas where damage has occurred and near those areas, are especially treated as the adult females lay their eggs back where they emerge.
Best times for treating is around December as the females are laying their eggs and the grubs are hatching.
Next time for treatment would be in the autumn and into winter when the ground is softening up with the autumn rains.
This is likely to be about April/May/June/July dependent on where you are in NZ.. Always lift some turf prior to application to see if the grubs are present.








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