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Break Through Extra for Lawns 10kg



Now Packed in a tough Plastic Bag inside a Multiwall Paper Bag. We give you the savings.

Break Through Extra for lawns
Slow Release Organic Fertiliser Blended with Premium Organic Neem Powder.

Slow Release
Continuous Nutrients
Not Harmful to Worms
Not Harmful to soil Life
Sturdy Even Growth
Breaks down and releases over a 3-4mth Period
Very Cost effective
Organic Non Chemical control of Grass Grub and nematodes.

Lawns are our pride and joy and when Grass Grub gets established we use everything we can to bring our Lawns back to their former glory. Chemicals are effective but also dangerous to ourselves and our pets.
Now with Break Through Extra you can deal to the grass grubs and fertilise your Lawn
Break Through Extra is an Organic Blend of  Slow Release Fertilizer and Premium Neem Powder. The fast acting Organic Neem Powder will quickly deal to the grubs while the Break Through will slowly release its nutrients over 10-16 weeks to get your lawn looking lush again.
Break Through Extra can be used elsewhere in your garden too. Roses, Ornamental’s and Fruit Trees will all benefit.  

Use at 150gms per square meter. Apply just after the lawn has been mown.

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