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Break Through Extra for Garlic 5kg




Break Through Extra for Garlic

Granulated Slow Release

Continuous Nutrients

Not Harmful to Worms

Not Harmful to soil Life

Sturdy Even Growth

Breaks down and releases over a 10-12 week Period

Very Cost effective

Blended with Rok Solids, Bio Phos and Humate.

Break Through is the first organic, granulated, slow release fertilizer available to the home gardener.

Most will be familiar with the advantages of slow release fertilizers over powder type fertilizers.

Powder type fertilizers are quick to release giving a boost to plants which only lasts for a short period and often much of the goodness is leached away, which means frequent applications are required for sustained growth. Where slow release fertilizers slowly break down over an extended period of time giving a continuous source of nutrients, with little waste through leaching.

N:P:K of 4.0:1.4:3.0.

Break Through is derived from heat dried biosolids, manufactured from surplus micro-organisms.

It has been heat treated to over 500 degrees C. so it is completely free of pathogens and weed seed.

Break Through has an N:P:K 6.1 : 3.4 : 0.4, Plus 1.2 Calcium: 0.3 Magnesium : 0.8 Sulphur 0.8 Iron and Trace Elements.


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