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Break Through Extra for fruit Trees 10kg



Break Through Extra for fruit Trees 10kg

Now Packed in a tough Plastic Bag inside a Multiwall Paper Bag. We give you the savings.

In this you will get just what your Fruit Trees need to produce an abundance of Fruit. With the benefit of Neem Granules in the Blend to help ward off insect attack.
Now is the time to start getting those minerals and nutrients into the soils around your Fruit Trees. You need to apply Break Through Extra For fruit Trees out to the edge of the drip zone as many of the Trees feeder roots are out there.
Break Through extra contains dozens of Minerals by way of Blending all natural Ocean Solids, Rok Solids and Bio Phos along with Break Though, our Natural Slow Release Fertiliser. Ocean Solid also helps to reduce Curly Leaf.
Neen Granules make up the blend to assist in protecting your Fruit Trees from insect damage.
Use now or when you prune at 3 scoops (supplied) per square meter (200gms) and again just after the leaves form. With Break Through Extra you can’t over do it’

10kgs in this container is enough to cover 50 Square Meters.
You can use this on other plants in your garden too.

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