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Break Through Extra for Bulbs 5kg



Break Through Extra for Bulbs 5kg

Now Packed in a tough Plastic Bag inside a multiwall paper bag. We give you the savings.

Just what your Flowering Bulbs and Lillies need to produce stronger, more vibrant flowers.
Every year we watch in amazement as our bulbs produce lovely Colour in our gardens. We can’t wait to see the first signs that Winter is almost over as the first flower appears.
With Break Through Extra for Bulbs you can provide your beautiful bulbs with extra nutrients. Break Through is an organic slow release fertilizer that won’t burn your plants. We have blended Potassium and magnesium into the mix. These are the back bone of flowering. Then we have added more than 60 minerals and trace elements to provide your plants with everything they need.
Once your Bulbs push through the soil it’s time to give them a feed. A couple of teaspoons full on a small patch through to a 50gm scoop for large patches. Or at the rate of 150gms per square meter.

You can use this on other flowering plants in your garden too.

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