Bees Knees



Just the Bees Knees

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The inventor of these fantastic kneelers needs a BIG pat on the back for coming up with these. Lots of uses for these and not just for in the garden. Tradesmen, nurserymen, boat builders, carpet layers, painters, farmers, mechanics, for housework, even for me. I hated wearing kneepads in the nursery because they were so uncomfortable. It was worse than sore knees. Sandra Harrison came up with the B’s KNEES KNEE PADS and they work. Even on shingle, and they are comfortable. I WILL NOT go in my garden without them. Not cheap, but hey what price, “no more sore knees”? says Lynda.

I love mine and I can wash them. I have met lots of others who cannot do without them. If you are a gardener you will know what it is like to have sore knees.

I know what it’s like to have Bs Knees.

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