Spray on Frost Cloth 250ml


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Spray on Frost Cloth 250ml

Frosts and winter chills are a problem for many gardeners during winter and the more tender plants need protection or losses can occur.

Spray on Frost Cloth is organic and it provides a long lasting (2-3 months) film over the foliage which protects down to -3 degrees C.

Spray on Frost Cloth has a multitude of uses, it can be used to advantage on transplanting seedlings and established plants as it reduces moisture loss though the foliage and thus reduces transplant stress or shock.

Just spray the plants and they will require far less watering.

In a glasshouse, or on very hot days in summer, plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers can droop during the day. At that time they have stopped growing. Just spray with the product to over come this problem also.

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