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6 Original Weeder & 5 Bottle Top Sprinkler Combo

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6 Original Weeder & 5 Bottle Top Sprinkler Combo

In this pack you will receive 6 Original Weeders and 5 Bottle Top Sprinklers. The Original Weeder must be the Most Popular garden tool used in New Zealand while the Bottle Top Sprinklers were award winners at Chealsea International Flower Show as the most popular new gardening item.

The weeders have been around for years and once you use them you wonder how you ever did with out them.

The Bottle Top Sprinkler simply screws onto soft drink bottles turning them into a gentle Mini Watering Can. Use them to water or fertilize Indoor plants, seedlings, spot spraying, As an applicator for Moss Mould and Mildew remover and dozens of other uses.

These items make great gifts for other occasions too. As a thank you for a kind deed, a small house warming gift or just to be nice to someone with something inexpensive but useful. How about as raffles for your Garden Group or Club.


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