3 in 1 Emergency Mini Safety Hammer Car Window Glass Breaker


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3 in 1 Emergency Mini Safety Hammer Auto Car Window Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Rescue Hammer Car Life-saving Escape Tool.

100% Brand new.
Mini size design with keychain, lightweight.
Multi-tool is made of ABS plastic and metal.

Push the item against the glass. It has a very powerful firing pin.
1. To break the window: In case of emergency, you can use your car kit to break the window, remove the cap, press the trigger of firing pin against the window until it clicks.
2. To cut the seat belt: The safety blade can be used to cut seat belt in case of emergency.
3. Use as a Whistle to attract attention.

Material: Metal & Plastic
Length: approx. 75mm
Width: approx. 33mm
Color: Random(We do not offer a color choice, your order will be sent at random)
Net Weight: 22g

Keep one in the passenger door pocket as well. Maybe one for each side in the back seats as well





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