2021 Preorder flyer

To the Farm Owner/Manager


Orari Nursery has been operating for the last 27 years and unlike many other nurseries that have failed we have prospered. Each year growing more plants than before, until this year when we have added 10000 square meters to cater for the ever increasing demand.

We pride ourselves in our plant hardiness and know that our plants survive in places where many other nursery supplied plants fail.

We are in a cold climate location during winter and very hot during the summer with hot dry North Wester Winds.

Our plants have no special protection summer or winter. The only time is during germination and for 2-3 weeks after pricking out into pots (if they are lucky to get that long).

We love what we are doing and our experienced staff are as committed as I am to producing the hardiest plants possible.


Plant producers have since after Level 3 of Covid 19 been under massive pressure with Rural and urban planting projects kicking in. The Governments pressure on farming to plant waterways and the One Billion Trees initiative. Many producers have no stock available as its is all fully committed.


We were sold out of all but a few varieties before the end of April. This prompted us to up production. Increasing our seed sowing numbers on some species to more than double the previous year. And to cope with this we leased a 10000 square meter area adjacent to the nursery and developed it to suit us.


We also increased staff hours and staff numbers to meet the demand forecast for 2021.

 Farmers and developers who have forward planning has given us flexibility to grow the plants people want, giving us and them an edge. Many Nurseries grow plants for spring plantings. To do this requires vast tunnel houses, often with bottom heat. In our experience a large percentage of these plants die when planted in an open situation.

We grow our plants in spring, harden them off outdoors over summer and have them hardened off for planting in Autumn/Early Winter

Our Stock list is included with this letter and you are encouraged to place your order as soon as possible. You can choose when you would like to have them delivered. (March 2021 onwards to suit your farming program)

Planning further ahead into future years is also encouraged.

 If you wish to discuss your needs give me a call 027 2852545 or email me

If you wish to place an order  go to for a form you can fill in. Save and email.