Garden Gloves

20 something years ago we started out selling just Garden Gloves. Every keen Gardener was keen to get themselves a pair. We choose the best Garden Gloves available at that time and they are still the best today. Gardeners everywhere loved our products, but we couldn’t survive on Garden Gloves alone. We introduced my Grandfathers Onion Weeder and called it the Original Weeder. Soon it was a very popular Garden Tool and indeed replaced many Gardening Tools. Simple and easy to use it must be the biggest selling Garden Tool sold in New Zealand. Later we introduced into our range another item that really helped Gardeners in their Gardens. The Ratchet Pruners and Ratchet Loppers. The Ratchets on these make cutting very easy. Many of our Garden customers will have a pair of Ratchet Pruners, a couple or 10 of the Original Weeders and several pairs of our gloves in their Garden Shed.

Writing this now in 2014 make me realise just how much we and our range has grown. No longer are we simply Garden Gloves, Garden Tools and Pruning Gear. We now carry a huge range of products including our own range of natural garden fertilisers, Wally’s Natural Garden Products. As well we have our Skin Care Range, some of it exclusive to us. Seldom does our range of books drop below 100 titles.

Add in old home show favorites like the Swiss Peeler and Goodlook. It’s no wonder we get frequent emails inquiring about the availability of something people have spotted at a Home or Garden Show
We have also added a range of Skin Care products that are top class. Manuka Honey forms the basis of most of our Skin Care range. They are not beauty products, just products like the Garden Tools that have a job to do.

Once we used to attend most Home Shows in New Zealand. Today we are kept very busy at our home base coping with the multitude of orders coming in each day. The arrive by post, email, Trademe and via the website. However there are a few one day shows we attend. Its always good to catch up with regular customers at these events.

These are the ones we attend.